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We've been in business for over fifteen years. You could say that we grew up in the current technology revolution. We have always embraced new ideas while remaining true to the things that work. The inertia of computer technology requires passionate people willing to invest their time and energy to stay at the forefront, but grounded enough to recognize what doesn't need to be fixed. Our designers and developers are defined by these characteristics and possess the skills to turn your vision into reality.

We believe that engineering business applications today is a seemingly complex task as a result of greater performance and usability expectations (a good thing) coupled with the need to leverage the legacy systems of the past - seemingly complex. The reality is that modern software engineering techniques and a little common sense is all that is required to create great software applications. We prescribe an agile methodology because being agile is being resilient when things change, and change is the only constant in business and technology.

Our extensive experience with web based and mobile technologies gives us a significant edge over the competition when delivering secure and durable software. We have developed a simple and effective approach to software development that focuses considerable attention on the infrastructure in which the software product will interoperate, is scalable, and promotes adaptability. Your business is what is most important to us, and we guarantee that your expectations will be exceeded.

Recent work

Contract Auditing System

We recently developed a custom contract auditing system for the Florida Department of Transportation. This system is used to monitor and reconcile expenditures for transportation contracts that require auditing under the State's Single Audit law. Features of this application include an interface to the Florida statewide accounting system, integration with the Department's enterprise services infrastructure, and the capability to realign recipients, projects, and contracts that are inaccurately reported. We also included an administrative dashboard to enable at-a-glance monitoring of overall statewide status checks due to the time sensitive nature of the auditing process.

State School Safety Incident Reporting and Training System

The Florida Department of Education needed a Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate training school officials on how to handle reporting safety related incidents in a clear and consistent manner. We delivered a custom application using our proprietary content management framework. The features delivered included the ability to add content pages with video, images, and resource document downloads, the capability to manage the training scenarios and track each user's status of course completion, and an adaptive Q&A forum.

Utility Account Usage and Payment Mobile Application

The City of Tallahassee was interested in expanding their online account services reach to include mobile devices. We responded by providing a custom mobile application for the major platforms - Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The mobile application features include interfacing with the City's customer account services for authentication and usage statistics, data visualization of service consumption, and online bill payment. The server-side infrastructure we developed to support the application was designed to insulate the mobile application from change by providing an adapter layer to connect to the City's enterprise infrastructure.

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